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- Professionally duplicated CD
- Includes a Japanese lyric and photo booklet
- Cool kyte frying graphics!
-Amazing tunes
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Produced by quads music label & kuragari

Nice to meet you! I am a bedroom musician from Japan.
The word "kuragari" means "gloom" in Japanese.
On December 24, 2021, I released my 1st album!
Being my first, I was so overzealous that I made 750 copies of it!
Thanks to that, my room became smaller.
Let's see which comes first, my death or selling out.

Let me tell you a little story from the past.
There used to be a small cafe right in front of my parents' house.
It was run by a kind old lady by herself.
One hot summer day, she invited me, a tired little boy who was tired from playing outside, into her store.
She gave me a melon soda.
It was very delicious.
I still remember her smile at that time.
When I returned to my parents' house more than 20 years later, the café was closed.
It seems she had died in the store of a heart attack a few years ago.
I decided to live my life with the melon soda and smile of that day in my heart.
Every time I remember my hometown, my heart gets warmer and a little tighter.

The concept of this album is memories.
How nice it would be if I could go back to that day. I think so many times.
I am here today on the basis of those wonderful memories.
I would be very happy if you think even a little of the songs I wrote as I liked them are good.

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¥2,200 tax included